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A Blog After My Own Inappropriate Heart

Philip Nel just pointed out to me that Lane Smith and Bob Shea had scooped me on the “Andy Warhol, Children’s Illustrator” post with an actual picture book the wiggy guy did.  More importantly it is on their blog, Curious Pages: Recommended Inappropriate Books for Kids.   A blog I didn’t know about till Phil told me about it a few minutes ago.  A blog full of my favorite snarky, subversive, weird, dotty, bizarre, clever, and not-your-usual children’s book books.  They’ve got stuff by Gorey, Hoffmann, Belloc, and a whole bunch more.



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Megan Whalen Turner on Jewel Boxes, Writing Advice, and Sulky Characters

All I can say is that endings are very important to me as a reader and so they are important to me as a writer. I really resent stories without endings. I was once very flattered to be lumped in the same category as Frank Stockton, but that’s because of The Griffin and the Minor Cannon. Don’t get me started on “The Lady or the Tiger?” (Megan Whalen Turner)

For those eagerly waiting for A Conspiracy of Kings, check out HipWriterMama’s excellent interview with she-who-stays-out-of-sight-much-of-the-time, Megan Whalen Turner.

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