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Smart Kid Reviews: First in a Series

I started a Book Bloggers Club this year for kids who had blogs with me when they were in 4th grade. So far I’ve got six 6th grade girls in the club (one brings a friend who brings a friend, etc) and we are all enjoying it very much. One of our first events, as some of you know, was to see and review the Where the Wild Things Are movie.  They are also reading and reviewing other new and forthcoming books.  Here are links to some of their reviews:

C16km thinks Kate DiCamillo’s The Magician’s Elephant is a, “a very haunting but amusing read…” Read her full review here.

C16bf thinks Suzanne LeFleur’s Love, Aubrey, “…is an amazing book, and it pulls you through the pages.”  Read her full review here.

C16lw thinks Hilari Bell’s Player’s Ruse is “…extremely suspenseful and makes you want to just keep on reading it.” Read her review here.

C16rc is a huge fan of Lisa Graf’s Umbrella Summer. Read her review here. here

Not-a-romance-reader C16uw reviews Tera Lynn Childs’s forthcoming Forgive My Fins here.



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