A Bit o’ NCTE

This was the first convention that I’ve been to since I got my Iphone and I went a little wild using the camera for tweeting purposes.  For those not following me on twitter— what is wrong with you?  (just kidding) —- here are those photos.  By no means a good overview of what I did, but a few things nonetheless.

So on Friday after the general session with Julie Andrews and her daughter, I stopped in to the celebration for Lee Bennett Hopkins — lots of fun to hear such distinguished poets as Jane Yolen, J. Patrick Lewis, and Walter Dean Myers roast Lee.  Sadly, I couldn’t stay for more of them as I wanted to catch a graphic novel session taking place across the hall.  I came in in time to be part of a draw-off between Matt Holm and Jarrett J. Krosoczka. The idea was for Matt to draw Lunch Lady and  Jarrett to do Babymouse, each with an audience member coaching them.  Well, I sure ran right up to coach Matt so he did Lunch Lady serving in my NYC classroom.

Here’s me coaching Matt (with chair Joan Kindig in the background)

Here’s Jarrett with his which had something to do with Babymouse in Canada.

Afterwards  a bunch of us went for coffee. That’s Shana Corey, Jenni (in pink, natch), Matt (in his Babymouse tee-shirt-thingie), and Joan Kindig.

Jan Greenberg (my lunch partner and who then did our Notables session)

Friday afternoon was our Notables session. The room was too small and hot, someone in the back of the room stepped on a cord shutting down the projector and the mikes causing a slightly nervous moment, but otherwise all went well.  It was my third and final time doing this so I’m glad it was successful and hope it happens again next year.   In addition to Jan, we had Barry Denenberg, Philip Dray, Scott Reynolds Nelson, Marc Aronson, and the following whose pictures I managed to snap while also timing and overseeing the rotations.

Here’s Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Jen Bryant

Stephen T. Johnson

While strolling through the exhibits  I ran into G. Neri, Lisa Yee, and Peepy

And at the Scholastic Brunch on Sunday was the very tall Patrick Carman (doing something to make himself shorter here).

And last, but not least, here is Sarah of thereadingzone!



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3 responses to “A Bit o’ NCTE

  1. It was great to finally meet you! (And yes, Patrick is tall. In fact, I swear, he’s getting taller all the time.)


  2. monica,
    it was great to meet you in philly! i hope our paths cross again soon!
    all my best,


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