Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Books, Bars, and Blogging

I thought there might be some questions about the School Library Journal cover I was on last month, the one celebrating children’s book bloggers.  After all, we were five white women, so I anticipated letters wondering about the lack of gender and racial diversity.  Well, yesterday the December issue went online with a bunch of letters, but not about that.  Nope, about this:  Us.  In a bar.  Holding drinks.  Indeed. Check out Some Readers Couldn’t Stand Our November Cover: Now We Need a Drink.

I’ve got to say I’m not offended (although evidently the letter writers were) as much as amused and amazed.  I tweeted the link early yesterday and so it also went to my facebook status update where I got many comments by folks equally surprised.  Now one of my fellow cover girls, Liz Burns, has written a very smart post getting to the heart of the issue, “God Grant Me the Serenity…”  I can only add, me too.


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