Books, Bars, and Blogging

I thought there might be some questions about the School Library Journal cover I was on last month, the one celebrating children’s book bloggers.  After all, we were five white women, so I anticipated letters wondering about the lack of gender and racial diversity.  Well, yesterday the December issue went online with a bunch of letters, but not about that.  Nope, about this:  Us.  In a bar.  Holding drinks.  Indeed. Check out Some Readers Couldn’t Stand Our November Cover: Now We Need a Drink.

I’ve got to say I’m not offended (although evidently the letter writers were) as much as amused and amazed.  I tweeted the link early yesterday and so it also went to my facebook status update where I got many comments by folks equally surprised.  Now one of my fellow cover girls, Liz Burns, has written a very smart post getting to the heart of the issue, “God Grant Me the Serenity…”  I can only add, me too.



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9 responses to “Books, Bars, and Blogging

  1. Some people take things too seriously – you are ALL over 21, you are not in a school with alcohol and well, some people just need to CHILL. Of course I work in a school in GA where a teacher drinking ANY kind of “adult” beverage is considered taboo – I obviously do not adhere to that rule – LOL!


  2. I can’t help wondering what the reaction would have been had you all been male. Say, five IT guys? What if you were administrators? Sports coaches?

    I was particularly amused by (and horrified by) the one that implied your picture is going against all the no drinking/no drugs programs. I wasn’t aware those programs were intended to induce life-long sober teetotalers….and as a public librarian, I talk to kids AFTER school, after those programs…sad or not, the truth? They. Don’t. Care. I’ve had highschoolers when I ask them how their day was they mention campaigns like this….and then give me chapter and verse on who of their friends drinks, drugs, and is pregnant. They view it as another one of those “dumb school things”.


  3. Wait! There was alcohol in those glasses? Hmmm . . . will now have to go back and reread all your blogs and see which ones were unduly influenced by liquor.


  4. We call ’em Wowsers here in Australia.


  5. Nina

    I raise my glass–


  6. I love being able to extend my cover girl glam another month this way!


  7. Monica, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see you on that cover! I felt like you were my own Personal Cover Girl. I was so, well, proud (despite having had nothing to do with your blogging acuity NOR the photo). Anyway, you are cover girl glam in my book for the year!


  8. Love the idea of being a cover girl of the year — thanks, Frances!


  9. Kathy

    I simply loved the cover of SLJ with all of you librarians holding martinis in a bar! My daughters said it reminded them of me! Nothing wrong with it at all! It was pretty chic!


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