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Fantastic Mr. Fox

I took my 6th grade Book Bloggers Club to see this last week and really liked it (as they did, I believe).  The look was absolutely splendid. I was really taking right at the beginning when the Fox family is at breakfast and Mrs. Fox pours Mr. Fox coffee out of one of those cool Italian coffee makers. How the hell did they make such a tiny one?  I liked the Brechtian titles, the acting, the action, and so forth.  But I did wonder (as I did with WTWTA) about kid appeal.  So far two of my club members have posted their reviews and hopefully more will do so soon. (12/9: three more are up.)

C16uw concludes her review, “I really loved this movie and I strongly advise you to go see it. Hey, tell me about it, if you liked it or not. If you didn’t I am totally okay with that, tell me why you didn’t. I don’t like a lot of books, you can too.”  (So go let her know what you think!.)

C16bf opines, “Fantastic Mr. Fox is a mature but child-friendly movie and I think you should go see it now!”

In C16km’s review she notes, “And another really cool aspect of the movie was the way that it was made; it was like claymation, except the characters were fuzzy.”

C16rc thinks, “I thought it was really good and all, but it was SO VIOLENT.”

C16dn also is of this opinion, writing ” The plot was great but the movie itself was not. There was too much movement and violence. The book is a children’s book and the movie was for older kids.”



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Little Tweeter on the Prairie

You can always tell it’ll be a long winter from the way the muskrats build their houses. And from their tiny hats and scarves.

That’s a recent tweet from the adorable  @halfpintingalls.  And happy day, Wendy over at Six Boxes of Books has snagged an interview with her!  (If you don’t know who she is, I suggest checking out her tweets and the interview. Great, great stuff.)

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