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Dreams or Sweat Equity: One Agent Tells All

It seems Stephanie Meyer is making my agent Stephen Barbara’s life more difficult.  Check out his PW essay, “How Stephanie Meyer Cramps My Style.’


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Dear Mr. Sutton,

Yesterday, while I was off at the dentist my fellow faculty advisors had our 6th grade book bloggers take a look at your post about kid reviews. Here are some of their responses. (I will add the others in as they are posted.)

c18uw wrote her response in  “‘Read Roger’ – The Horn Book

c18bf gives her feelings in “Hey! Ever Heard of the Horn Book?

c18rc titles her post, “Grrrrrrr!!!

c18km is ticked off and concludes, “DON’T READ ROGER.”


The Book Blogger faculty advisor with very clean teeth

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