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Inspiring Writers

Intrigued by this list over at Poets & Writers, Alison Morris asks “What Living Authors and Illustrators Inspire You?

From the Poets & Writers list, I too admire Elizabeth Alexander (who wowed me with her Amistad poems before she did the inaugural one), Alison Bechdel (Fun Home is one of the most amazing memoirs, in any form, I’ve ever read), Susanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell — need I say more?), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (I read One Hundred Years of Solitude decades ago and remember it vividly), and Salman Rushdie (whose early work I adored and who, I just saw somewhere, has a sequel to Haroun and the Sea of Stories in the works).

As for Alison’s list, I agree with her that¬† M. T. Andersen, Marilyn Nelson, Elizabeth Partridge, and Shaun Tan are all remarkable and can think of a number of other children’s authors in their league that I admire enormously as well.

But the living writer who inspires me most of all is the ever brilliant Philip Pullman.


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Oh, Those Annoying Snollygosters

The latest in old and new English vocab here.

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Hey, Hobbits!

There was a flurry of excitement (here, here, and many other places) about a casting call for hobbit extras on that movie, I mean, those movies (they are doing two out of the one book, evidently) a guy over in New Zealand is making.¬† The latest from theOneRing.net is to hold your horses (or ponies or whatever hobbits prefer) as casting calls won’t be until February.

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