Thank You Jon Scieszka…


helping me with my loot at BEA,

your fishiness,

your judgement,

your  very intelligent wit,

your appreciation for others before you,

your memories, and

for being an all around great guy, writer, teacher, fellow children’s literature enthusiast, and ambassador*.

*Jon’s term ends today; his replacement will be announced tomorrow.



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8 responses to “Thank You Jon Scieszka…

  1. hope

    Hey, he’s not dead, is he?


  2. Oh, no. This is just another blogger’s idea as he completes his two years as the nation’s first children’s literature ambassador. The new one is to be announced tomorrow.


  3. Monica, I loved your round-up of subversive “fishy” books. And the story of Fred the book-dog sounds like it could be turned into a picture book itself, which would be appropriately subversive.


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  5. Jon Scieszka

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not dead. Thanks Monica. And I will continue to provide as much “fishiness” as possible as Ambassador Emeritus.


  6. Yeah, we’re glad he’s not dead. Somebody’s gotta keep us giggling!!!

    I loved this post. It was one of the cleverest of the tributes. I clicked through on every link to follow your enticing clues!


  7. Thanks, Mary Lee. It was a great idea that you and Franki had.


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