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One Lovely Blog Award

I was blithely reading through bookwitch’s list of ten favourite blogs, intrigued that I didn’t seem to know any of them, when — bam— I came upon mine!  So first of all, thanks so much, Ann! Now it is my turn.  I’m going to avoid my usual well-known and beloved suspects (as they already get plenty of love in our world) and highlight some other blogs I also like very much.

  1. Heavy Medal Nina Lindsay has been doing an online Mock Newbery blog for a number of  years now, for the last couple of years over at SLJ.  This year, rabble-rouser Jonathan Hunt joined her and the discussion has been fast, furious, and smart.  Today is the day for their in-person deliberations and it will be fascinating to see what they decide.  Nina has also asked about how it might be possible to do such a thing online and I’m hoping they can figure something out for next year.
  2. Story Sleuths Writers Meg Lippert, Allyson Valentine Schrier, and Heather Hedin Singh are reading, “…like writers, investigating award-winning children’s literature for clues about how to improve our own writing.”   Clever, thoughtful and insightful.
  3. Curious Pages I came across this one a few months back and still think it is terrific.  Hosted by those two subversives, Bob Shea and Lane Smith.
  4. Achockablog Michael Thorn’s achuka is one of the oldest children’s lit sites around and his blog is equally filled with valuable info from a British perspective.
  5. Under the Green Willow A birthday blog for the venerable Greenwillow imprint that started in this new year.  So far the posts have been fascinating; hope they keep it up!
  6. Shaken & Stirred Gwenda Bond and her blog are already familiar to many, but I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed my appreciate for them here.  So, better late than never, let me say that in addition to enjoying the varied links she posts, her range of interests, her commentaries, I just like her voice, lively, opinionated, and intimate in just the right way.
  7. Light Reading Jenny Davidson is an eclectic blogger after my own heart. An English Lit professor at Columbia, YA writer, an athlete, and just fascinated by a whole range of things that she puts into her blog.
  8. Kidsmomo I came across this site last fall and think it is excellent.  Not only for the aged children’s book appreciator, but for kids too.  A remarkably clever range of videos, podcasts, reviews, and more.  Beautifully done.  Want a taste? Check out Juicy Jeremy.
  9. Cockeyed Caravan This is Matt Bird’s (spouse of this familiar blogger) new blog about underrated movies and, while I may not agree with all of them, I sure enjoy his reasoned posts.  One I do agree with wholeheartedly is The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.
  10. Steamboats are Ruining Everything I just smile every time I see this blog title.  Today I suppose instead of steamboats it would be ereaders, perhaps? But I digress. This guy writes about language, about lit, about contemporary issues, all sorts of stuff.  Worth dipping into now and then.


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