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A Few Moments at ALA Midwinter

After a relaxing journey on the train to Boston I dolled myself up and went off to a very special dinner with the one and only Megan Whalen Turner (who is as witty in person as in print).  My great thanks to HarperCollins for inviting me.

And then came Saturday, a day I spent eating, gathering ARCs, talking, and walking, and having a wonderful time.  Some highlights.

A breakfast that included my fellow sisters of Candlewick and Foundry: Betsy Bird and Laura Amy Schlitz (with the urn). Thank you, Candlewick, for a lovely, lovely time! (Betsy, I know you liked the other photo better, but Laura looks good in all of ’em and this is the only one where my eyes were open so sorry!)

A stroll through the exhbits with my agent Stephen Barabara and then a visit at the Candlewick booth with my editor (still hard to believe I can type that!), Sarah Ketchersid.

After many other lovely (and fattening events) I dropped by the arguably hoppingest event of the conference, the tweetup organized by Mitali Perkins and others.  I hadn’t been sure I’d get to  it and am only sorry I didn’t have more time (and missed many people I wanted to see) as it was amazing!  A big hand of applause for pulling it off, Mitali and co!  Here I am with @hbook and @EgmontGal.

Now off to Sunday and more.



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