Happy Day

My horse won!


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10 responses to “Happy Day

  1. I feel just the same way. I was rooting hard for this one. Perfect.


  2. Thanks for the early alert on the loveliness of this book. I’m definitely going to go after One Crazy Summer asap.


  3. Mine too. :^)

    Also, it was nice meeting you for a quick hello at the tweetup!


  4. Very exciting! Yay for Rebecca Stead!


  5. Lola Kackey

    I love When You Reach Me. Amazing pick. I am so happy for Rebecca Stead!


  6. Yay for Miranda, Colin, Annmarie, Jimmy, and Rebecca Stead!


  7. YAY! I’m still thrilled for Rebecca Stead, and both my library’s copies of When You Reach Me were checked out Tuesday into grateful hands. A few of my literacy teachers have read it already (due to my shameless pimping, I boast) and are also revisiting A Wrinkle in Time, so I have kids checking that out too… and it NEVER moves. So I’m just thrilled all around.


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