Of Conspiracies and Kings

One of the most exciting forthcoming 2010 titles is Megan Whalen Turner’s A Conspiracy of Kings.  And may I just gently suggest that if you have not yet read the first three books, do.  Right away.  That is, now.

To whet your appetite, over at the Greenwillow Blog, editor Virginia Duncan is celebrating the release of this new book to the printer with a delightful book trailer for the first in the series, The Thief.

Be still my heart.



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2 responses to “Of Conspiracies and Kings

  1. I just re-read the first three, via audio books, and it was so satifying to hear the clever wording Gen uses in the first book.

    March is getting closer. Thrilling trailer. Thanks


  2. I just LOVE Megan Whalen Turner. She’s one of my favorite authors! No one else handles their characters more sneakily or their plots more cleverly! I have a great deal of respect for how slowly she comes out with new books because it means she puts all of her effort into them and her readers reap the rewards. I just wish there were MORE! I would be happy if there were ten more Turner’s … but since there will never be another Eugenides I’m content with things as they are.

    Great trailer! The music is absolutely perfect.


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