In the Classroom: Reading Aloud When You Reach Me

I can still hear a bunch of my students outside my room packing up to go home, debating and mulling over just what is happening in this remarkable book.  I thought I’d be able to finish reading it to them today, but ran out of time.  Had to stop at page 170 with 26 pages left.  But they are wildly curious, many stayed in the room with me for a while after school, to speculate, to surmise, to guess. One figured it out, but doesn’t know it yet.  Others think they know, but don’t.

I read this aloud last year for the first time and timed it so that I was able to read from the Very Important Scene straight through to the end. This year I had planned to do so as well, but ran out of time. But I think it might be even better this way — they are now obsessed and I bet they may well go home and talk to their parents about it too. And what more could you want for an amazing read aloud?



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4 responses to “In the Classroom: Reading Aloud When You Reach Me

  1. That sounds very exciting! I picked up that book a few weeks ago, but haven’t brought myself around to reading it yet. From what I’ve heard, it’s very good.

    Glad that your students are interested! I can imagine many of them picking it up themselves to find out what happens.


  2. Huzzah for an amazing read aloud!


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