Summer Lovin’

I first read and fell in love with Rita Williams-Garcia’s new middle grade novel, One Crazy Summer last summer and more recently reviewed it for the New York Times.  Being winter, it may be more snowy than summery, but now that the book is on the shelves I’m glad to see others feeling the love. Say, the Horn Book which is starring it in their next issue.  And Betsy Bird who just gave  it an enthusiastic review.  For a kid perspective, here’s a review from one of my 6th grade Book Bloggers.  I’m now reading it aloud to my class and, let me tell you, so far it is a great read aloud.



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2 responses to “Summer Lovin’

  1. Sam Bloom

    I loved this book. Those three girls are such amazing characters – beautiful, real, heartbreaking, funny. I just finished it last night and I miss them already!


  2. I read this book on the plane to Chicago and it’s a brilliant read.


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