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The Percy Jackson Movie — Should I Go?

Percy Jackson, you are no Harry Potter. You are not fit to walk in a hobbit’s wake.

I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson series and thought I’d be rushing off to see the movie. But Tom Long, who starts his review with the above bit of snark, along with too many others, has me dragging my feet.

After having gone to a couple of other movies with our school Book Bloggers Club, we had them all read The Lightning Thief (some had already, but not all) and figured we would all go to see the movie this week. But then we discovered there was no directly-after-school showing so we’ve left it that the kids should go on their own and then write reviews.  And that leaves me also having to go on my own.

The reviews are pretty tepid and I’m quite put off by the kids being so much older than in the book.  Seems a sop to broaden the movie audience which I get, but disappointing nonetheless. I mean, it was Percy being such a real middle school kid in that first book that got me hooked.  Rick Riordan had been teaching middle schoolers for years, knew them well, and it showed.  If the movie was getting raves I might forgive them for this, but it is not.

So unless someone convinces me that I should go see it now while it is in the theater I’m inclined to wait for the DVD.



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Another Musical Boomer Does a Kid Book

Bob Dylan’s Book for Grandpa Givings.


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