The Percy Jackson Movie — Should I Go?

Percy Jackson, you are no Harry Potter. You are not fit to walk in a hobbit’s wake.

I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson series and thought I’d be rushing off to see the movie. But Tom Long, who starts his review with the above bit of snark, along with too many others, has me dragging my feet.

After having gone to a couple of other movies with our school Book Bloggers Club, we had them all read The Lightning Thief (some had already, but not all) and figured we would all go to see the movie this week. But then we discovered there was no directly-after-school showing so we’ve left it that the kids should go on their own and then write reviews.  And that leaves me also having to go on my own.

The reviews are pretty tepid and I’m quite put off by the kids being so much older than in the book.  Seems a sop to broaden the movie audience which I get, but disappointing nonetheless. I mean, it was Percy being such a real middle school kid in that first book that got me hooked.  Rick Riordan had been teaching middle schoolers for years, knew them well, and it showed.  If the movie was getting raves I might forgive them for this, but it is not.

So unless someone convinces me that I should go see it now while it is in the theater I’m inclined to wait for the DVD.



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11 responses to “The Percy Jackson Movie — Should I Go?

  1. Jen

    I was disappointed in the movie. As a movie on its own, it was well done, but it lost a lot of what made the books great. It also really appeared to not be intending to make any more Percy Jackson movies. The ways they deviated from the book took out almost all of the continuing storylines.

    It also disappoints me because I’ve been irritated by people comparing the books to Harry Potter. While I can see some connections, Percy Jackson and his world are very unique and incredibly well-written. I love Rick Riordan. The movie, though, was trying to be Harry Potter.


  2. I am taking my daughter today. I’ll let you know how it is. I, too, keep hearing disappointing reviews.


  3. Scott Robins

    Wait for the DVD. Being one of those huge Greek mythology geeks in elementary school, I would’ve died for something like The Lightning Thief when I was younger. Of course, this didn’t stop me from enjoying it immensely as a 30-ish year old man. I was pretty psyched for the movie too but seeing it yesterday I was filled with disappointment. I understand that it’s sometimes necessary to make narrative changes in order to make something work for the screen but there’s just so much left out here. All of the fun details and nuance have been stripped out of the movie version leaving the audience with a really surface, bland, mediocre adaptation of the book. Sigh.


  4. It’s not the best, but it’s ok. They changed the storyline quite a bit, so it was a little annoying at first, but if you stop comparing it to the book, it’s really good.

    I agree with Jen about the Harry Potter comparisons. I think many of the critics spent too much time trying to find all the comparisons to Harry Potter, so they couldn’t enjoy it. I don’t think they should’ve been that harsh.

    Anyway, overall it’s a good movie, but not the best adaption. :)


  5. I’m heading out to see it tomorrow…hopefully I can add a positive opinion after I see it!


  6. Curious to hear more before spending the money on a one-time viewing. Don’t think my son is going to wait much longer, though.


  7. I saw it Saturday with someone who had not read the book. The deviations from the book do lead me to question their intentions for the rest of the series (perhaps there was only a commitment for one film?) The special effects weren’t quite that special, and the acting wasn’t great – having said that, how easy it is to play Zeus or Medusa?

    When I saw it, the funniest moments came at the end of the film, when a very loud comment from a member of the audience caused the rest of us to crack up.

    This could have been a really good film. Sadly, it wasn’t.


  8. k

    I’ve assigned it to my undergrads – viewing the film – we’re reading the book as well. So I’ll be heading off to see it tonight or tomorrow.

    I’m REALLY aggravated at the slamming of Percy Jackson at the expense of Harry Potter; NPR had a very snippy review that mostly focused on how Percy Jackson isn’t Harry Potter. But it was comparing the movie to the Potter books – NOT the Riordan books to the Potter books. It’s an unfair and, to my mind, terribly ill-informed comparison.

    NPR also said that Percy Jackson – unlike Potter – hasn’t been able to expand beyond its core audience of 10-year-old boys, a remark which made me furious because I really do not think it’s true, judging by my experiences at the bookstore and teaching to undergrads.


  9. Kandi Bauer

    I don’t read movie reviews at all I did once for a movie and I came out not liking the movie. I finally got to see it. And I loved it. Its a good movie for adults to take the kids too. I hate when people compare this to HP. I didn’t like any of the HP books or the movies at all. I am more in to The greek gods than in to any thing in HP. I have the books and I read the frist four books and now I am going to start on the fifth book. I so i recomend anybody to see this movie its better than the HP stuff.


  10. Haruhi

    I was very disappointed. I’ve always really liked Greek mythology and such, but this was a really bad movie. And from what I’ve heard about the books (I have yet to read them) it’s WAY too different. I mean, not just a bit, but they even changed the main bad guy. The real one wasn’t even in the movie.
    I didn’t expect much, but I was still very disappointed.

    I had a lot of fun, though. Me and my friends commented the movie a lot and had a good laugh. So if you just want a really dull movie to make fun of, there you have it.

    …Medusa was cool though.


  11. Cindy

    Technically they missed tons of important stuff. Like ares, and clarisse getting sprayed with toilet. Most of the stuff they put didn’t even happen in the story.
    So yes, i am a good fan and i was very angry, sad and disappointed.

    Well i give it a B+… Medusa Helped it not be a F


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