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And Speaking of Movies…

To be fair, I need to see the movies, but at the moment I’m cranky as hell about what I’ve seen so far about two forthcoming movies based on iconic books of my youth.  Yet again (Percy Jackson anyone?) they seem to have upped the ages of the two protagonists substantially.  What is wrong with true tweens?

First there is Harriet the Spy: BLOG Wars (via 100ScopeNotes).

And then there is this Ramona and Beezus poster.



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A Few of My Underrated Movies

She picked two movies I’m a fan of (though not equally), and two movies I’ve never even heard of, but they look fascinating:

That’s Matt Bird’s intro to my Cockeyed Caravan guest post now up.  As might be expected three of the four movies I chose are related to children’s books.  But they may still surprise you so do take a look (and add your own ideas about underrated movies in the comments if you are so inclined).


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