And Speaking of Movies…

To be fair, I need to see the movies, but at the moment I’m cranky as hell about what I’ve seen so far about two forthcoming movies based on iconic books of my youth.  Yet again (Percy Jackson anyone?) they seem to have upped the ages of the two protagonists substantially.  What is wrong with true tweens?

First there is Harriet the Spy: BLOG Wars (via 100ScopeNotes).

And then there is this Ramona and Beezus poster.



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5 responses to “And Speaking of Movies…

  1. delzey

    Wrong on so many fronts, but Disney all the way. I hope Fitzhugh’s ghosts is kicking Walt’s cryogenic butt for not intervening.


  2. I guess I haven’t been as observent of late about movies…I did see the poster recently and was so puzzled I had to go look up Ramona to make sure I remembered her correctly….is this whole issue an emerging trend?


  3. You know, I tend to be very cranky about movies based on books (I wish I could purge the trailer for the so-called Dark is Rising movie from my brain), but I think the Ramona and Beezus poster is fine. Beezus is fairly mature-looking, but she was the older sister. And Ramona looks totally character-appropriate, even with the classic Ramona hair from the Louis Darling illustrations.


  4. Ugh, my sister forced me to watch Blog Wars last night. IT WAS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER MOVIE MADE FOR TEENAGERS!
    1: Girl is unpopular but has friends.
    2: Girl becomes popular but loses friends.
    3: Girl loses everything.
    4: Everything magically works out in the end.


  5. Watched around 30 minutes so far. Not my cuppa.


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