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Snicket, Time, and the Exquisite Corpse Adventure Episode 12

Even a life story as tumultuous and complicated as that of Nancy and Joe is just a tiny speck in the enormous tumult and complication of life, and if you think too much about this sad, inescapable fact you are likely to feel like screaming.

Ah, Mr. Lemony Snicket.  How good to have you back, morose as ever, in the latest Exquisite Corpse Adventure.


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A Grand Day Out with a Few Award Contenders

Hadn’t planned it, but it is turning into movie week here at educating alice. All because Nancy Werlin directed my attention to the first film below, causing me to check out all the Oscar nominees for Best Short Film (Animated).  And so, here they all are in full or trailer form.

I like it much.  But it is up against my favorite human and dog sleuths, that intrepid duo, Wallace and Gromit.

And then this one that makes me think of The Triplets of Belleville for some reason. (Don’t know it? Calling on Matt to feature it over at Cockeyed Caravan.)

Death stars in this one.

And I’m not too sure what this one’s about, but it sure looks pretty.

Amazing that it is now possible to see them all online.  Not too long ago I only saw the nominees in this category on public television or in their teeny clips on Oscar night.


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