Literary Lost

I’m a die-hard “Lost” fan and am fascinated by the books seen in various episodesAlice came up seasons back, but the most recent episode had, of all things, Watership Down.  Are they red herrings, these books, or will we find out when the series is over that they all are significant clues?


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4 responses to “Literary Lost

  1. Jen

    Sawyer had been reading Watership Down on the island in the first season. He found it in someone’s luggage.

    I don’t know if it will be anything more than that, but we’d just rewatched the first season before this one started, so it was fresh in the memory.


  2. I must have seen him reading Watership Down in that first season, but it seems so long ago that I totally forgot. I do recall the various Alice references, of course. I must say I fear for Sawyer.


  3. I think they do match up with the themes of the episodes. If you ever browse through Lostpedia they tell you. I’m glad other people are obsessive so I can read their notes!


  4. Zoe

    Jezabel has a great weekly analysis of Lost and this past week they discussed the books. The article make some interesting connections between the plot of the books and the characters’ journeys.


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