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The Finale of this year’s Battle of the Kids’ Books

(Yep, I’m half of the Battle Commander.)

It has been so much fun running this year’s Battle of the Kids’ Books. SLJ built a new arena, set-up a t-shirt giveaway, and got us the best writer-judges ever.  These last made thoughtful and often very unexpected decisions about our contenders and the Undead winner (the book contender that was voted back into the competition) was quite surprising to many.

I’m so glad that there are many who get this contest — that it is a way to remind people of 16 exemplary books of 2009 when we are already focused on those of 2010.  They also realize what a great opportunity it is to read essays by brilliant writers as they consider literature, young readers, genre, and a whole lot more.

Today Children’s Literature Ambassador Katherine Paterson makes the final decision, but if you have missed any of the early ones you can read them all at the Battle site.

If you have any suggestions for next year’s Battle do put them in the comments below.  (For example, if you are interested in leading a group of young people shadowing the contest as happens for the Carnegie, we’d love to know.  It is something I’ve wanted to do and maybe we will get it off the ground next year.)  Or comment at the site.

Can’t wait till we do this again!



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