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An Exquisite Corpse Adventure Who’s Who

In the latest episode, Children’s Literature Ambassador Katherine Paterson kindly recaps some of what has happened and takes the intrepid group on to something new and most likely discomforting.  Reading it made me think that it might be helpful to create a list of the characters populating this shaggy doggish story to date.  So here’s my stab at it.

  • Nancy and Joe: eleven-year-old twins who thought they were orphans, but found out moments into the first episode that they were not.
  • Alistair and Libby Sloppy: the twins’ parents trapped somewhere in time.
  • Boppo: a scary narcoleptic clown
  • Albert Einstein: a mad scientist
  • Genius Kelly: a dancing pig from somewhere…else?
  • Baby Max: a roller skating baby who may be the twins’ father or a hologram or something else, but seems to be related to them…
  • Angel: a pirate
  • Leonardo Dubenski: Lord of Thieves
  • Sybil Hunch: local misfortune-teller
  • Roberta: a robot of great importance

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