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Not Your Usual Earth Day Fare


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In the Classroom: Blogging about Jacqueline Wilson

Often when we have a special event in the school I suggest to my students that they blog about it.  And to get them to think about audience I tell them that if their posts are worthy I will write a post here, link to their posts, and encourage all of you to go visit and comment.

So here I am doing so about the posts they did about the remarkable Jacqueline Wilson who recently visited our school (and whose  be-ringed fingers you can see above signing books for her fans).  I personally first came across her years ago in England. I brought some of her books back for my students, but I could only get a few of them to bite.  Of late we’ve had more success and so she had some seriously excited fans in the audience at our school.  To assist them in their posts I took notes about her talk and they used them when writing their own.  (If you feel like commenting on any of their posts, they will be thrilled!) AB is a big Wilson fan and was thrilled to see her and get a book signed. LW is one too. As is JJ. Others in the class also reported on the event so check out the posts by  AL, SP, GB, TA, ZF and TR.


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