Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking Book Trailer

I cannot wait for Monsters of Men! (Just out in the UK, but we in the USA have to wait till September.  Sigh.)

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5 responses to “Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking Book Trailer

  1. Thanks for sharing the trailer, I didn’t know it was out yet in the UK! This is one I’m definitely looking forward to reading!!!


  2. JudiJ

    Monica, you can get it from the UK with free postage anywhere in the world through Book Depository. I had mine on pre-order and it was here last week (Australia).


  3. Yes, Judy, I could indeed order it from the UK, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the kind folks at Candlewick (who are, after all, publishing my book too) will send me an ARC very, very soon. (HINT HINT: kind Candlewick folks:)

    But more importantly — was it a satisfying conclusion to the series?


  4. Elena

    Definitely ordered this through Amazon UK and it was worth EVERY penny!


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