The Intriguing James Proimos

I was introduced to this picture book at a Little Brown publisher’s preview some time back and was instantly charmed.  It is indeed seven-year-old Paulie Pastrami’s efforts to achieve world peace. Starting small by being kind to animals, reading to trees, and apologizing to his sister, Paulie aims higher and, after discovering the peaceful properties of cupcakes, takes off with a van full of them to achieve his goal.  It works wonderfully well with fourth graders who relish the witty text and  illustrations, but I suspect the gentle tone would make it accessible to younger children too.

Having so enjoyed Paulie’s quest I became a facebook friend with its creator and last year received periodic requests to vote for Patricia Von Pleasantsquirrel. More recently the updates have been all about Stunt Frog (yesterday’s is “Join the frog. Save the world.”) which is one cool little Nickelodeon short (also featured by Betsy Bird today). Its creators James Proimos and Carlson Bull are co-founders of Shiny Pear which “… creates books, directs animation, and designs characters you want to take home with you.”  Based on the little I know of their work so far, I do want to take more of it home!  Say, more episodes of Stunt Frog — will there be any?


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2 responses to “The Intriguing James Proimos

  1. Brenda Bowen

    And how about James Proimos’s TODD’S TV? SLJ calls it “a hoot!” and so do I.


  2. Brenda, thanks for letting me know about TODD’S TV. I will get my hands on it pronto!


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