Coming Soon: Knuffle Bunny Free


Aggle, flaggle, sniff.

I was fortunate enough to receive the F&G of the forthcoming finale to the Knuffle Bunny saga at Thursday’s HarperCollins preview.   That afternoon my Book Blogger club met and we read all three books, noting the beautiful development of Trixie over time.  The kids were incredibly quick to catch all sorts of lovely little touches. Two of their posts can be read here and here.


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2 responses to “Coming Soon: Knuffle Bunny Free

  1. spg

    Dang. You have your hands on Free?

    How old is Trixie? My daughter is 4.5 now, and we’ve been nicely in the wake of Trixie’s present, so Trixie’s first word was when we were still dreaming of such things. and going to JK with a show and tell was just something Nora could dream about. I love the dad, the blend of illustration and photography, and I love how the book will sort of stand in for a time of life Nora and I have had together. Oh well, I will get it in October.


  2. I can’t wait to see KB 3 in my bookstore! Mo Willems really knows and understands what goes on in a 4-year-old (or one-year-old) kid. The pictured expressions are right on target and barely need words to accompany the story. Knufflebunny has become a favorite at our house too.


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