Margaret Wise Brown’s 100th Birthday Party

Brenda Bowen had the fabulous idea of celebrating Margaret Wise Brown’s 100th birthday on the steps of the New York Public Library.  And so yesterday at 2PM a bunch of us including Betsy Bird, Jeanne Lamb, Dianne Hess, Lori Ess, and Stephen Savage joined her under one of the lions (I think perhaps Patience, but can’t be sure) to sing, blow up balloons, eat cupcakes, and urge the curious to come by and celebrate too.  Sort of a teeny weeny flash mob of literary types. Next year we will be back, bigger and better, for the 101th.  You coming?

(Stephen is kindly taking this pic)

Lori attempting to read The Runaway Bunny to Stephen’s daughter Chloe.

Dianne channeling Margaret.  And check out the yummy cupcakes.  Brenda even brought candles for them.

Our fab hostess, Brenda.

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