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Yo, Laurie Anderson, I’m thinking there’s a kid’s book here

“Yo!” Anderson shouted from behind her keyboard. “Beautiful work, dogs!”

Just about every other celebrity has done or is doing one so why not performance artist Laurie Anderson?  Her latest work “Music for Dogs”  which she just did in front of an audience of dogs (and their human companions) in Sydney, Australia sounds ripe for the plucking. Not to mention very cool.

In fact she isn’t even a novice.  Long, long ago she did some children’s books. Her first, The Package, is evidently a wordless mystery. Doesn’t the cover intrigue? (But $745.50 for a copy?  Don’t think so).

Couldn’t find any video of the dog piece, so to give you a taste of what she is like (I’m a fan from way back), here is one of my old favorites of hers, “Language is a Virus.”


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