Jasper Fforde’s Got a Children’s Book in the Works — Hurray!

Hodder & Stoughton is delighted to announce the acquisition of Jasper Fforde’s first work for a younger generation of readers. Hilarious, offbeat and bewitching, The Last Dragonslayer is the first in the Dragonslayer trilogy, and the beginning of a truly exciting new work.

In the good old days, magic was powerful, unregulated by government, and even the largest spell could be woven without filling in the magic release form B1-7g. But somewhere, somehow, the magic started draining away.

Jennifer Strange runs Kazam!, an employment agency for state-registered magicians, soothsayers and sorceresses. But work is drying up. Drain cleaner is cheaper and quicker than a spell. Why trust a cold and drafty magic carpet when jetliners offer a comfy seat and an in-flight movie? And now potions are eligible for VAT…

But then the visions start. The Last Dragon is going to be killed by a Dragonslayer at 12.00 on Sunday. The death will unleash untold devastation on the UnUnited Kingdom, setting principality against dukedom and property developer against homesteader. And all the signs are pointing to Jennifer Strange, and saying “Big Magic is coming.”

The Last Dragonslayer is fizzing with all the creativity and genius Jasper Fforde’s fans delight in, and will appeal as much to the young at heart as to the younger readers for whom it is written.

I’m a great fan of Jasper Fforde’s adult work and so was absolutely delighted to see this announcement.  Now I realize we often aren’t too happy when adult writers decide to do kid books, but Fforde’s sensibility, I feel, is on the mark for this.  Witty, silly, quirky, and in the tradition of Lewis Carroll when it comes to language play. I’m very, very hopeful.  (I also noticed that there is  a new Thursday Next book due out soon — starring the “written Thursday Next” as opposed to the real one.  Hmmm.)


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6 responses to “Jasper Fforde’s Got a Children’s Book in the Works — Hurray!

  1. frogboots

    Hmmmm – could be good! I hope. I love Fforde, and I think he has at least a real respect for – if not an actual love of – children’s books. I’m a little nervous about a book starring the “written” Thursday Next – I found the many Thursdays sideplot on *First Among Sequels* a little tiresome.

    In an unrelated aside, HOW did you get your hands on the final *Chaos Walking* book? I am DYING to read it!


  2. Tere Sue

    If Jasper Fforde’s childrens books are as delightful as Terry Pratchett’s, I’m in!


  3. I’ve got my fingers crossed! (As for MONSTERS OF MEN, I was very, very lucky because the publisher sent me the ARC and the t-shirt too.)


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  5. Phi McMullen

    This was mentioned at the Fforde Ffiesta last week – were you there? Apparently it was written way before any of his other books, when Jasper was quite young himself!


  6. Well, color me happy – this sounds like a great take on the whole dragon/fantasy genre and something different – THANK HEAVENS!

    I’ll give the Thursday a shot as well although it being the not real Thursday scares me a bit also. I see that he has a third Nursery Crimes Division novel coming out in 2012 too. I thought those were a lot of fun.

    Good grief – the man writes a lot doesn’t he?!


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