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Lots of Oz Coming Soon to a Screen Near You, Maybe

Vulture has learned that Sam Raimi has been offered the director’s chair for Disney’s Oz, the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the 1939 MGM classic The Wizard of Oz.

This from NYMag’s Vulture Blog.  Did I know this was in the works?  Not only did I not, but I also did not know that Warner Brothers’ has two Oz movies in the works as well. What I did know is that this is not Disney’s first Oz movie.  They also did Return to Oz which I like to show to my class after we’ve read the Baum’s book, viewed the MGM movie, and debated if it (the 1939 movie) is a good adaptation.



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A Few More Summer Reading Suggestions

I really like Linda Shiue’s  series of summer reading posts over at Salon in response to her “Open Call for great summer reading lists for kids.”

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