Lots of Oz Coming Soon to a Screen Near You, Maybe

Vulture has learned that Sam Raimi has been offered the director’s chair for Disney’s Oz, the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the 1939 MGM classic The Wizard of Oz.

This from NYMag’s Vulture Blog.  Did I know this was in the works?  Not only did I not, but I also did not know that Warner Brothers’ has two Oz movies in the works as well. What I did know is that this is not Disney’s first Oz movie.  They also did Return to Oz which I like to show to my class after we’ve read the Baum’s book, viewed the MGM movie, and debated if it (the 1939 movie) is a good adaptation.



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4 responses to “Lots of Oz Coming Soon to a Screen Near You, Maybe

  1. Eric Gjovaag at the Wonderful Blog of Oz has a policy not to pass on news of new Hollywood adaptations simply because there are so many of them, and so few ever make it to a screen. Since the Oz books are well known yet in the public domain, anyone can commission an adaptation and/or make an announcement. If we Oz fans held our breath, we’d all pass out once a week. (Not that some of us don’t do that already.)


  2. Marie


    Does anyone know about something called the children’s bookclub? Could you pleas send me the link to it? I’ve been looking for it online for ages! I’m also intereseted in getting to know about other bookclubs for children.
    Hope you can help!

    – Marie.


  3. I just finished the Sci-Fi Chanel’s mini seres Tin Man. It is a crazy spin off of Oz that is worth exploring. When I saw worth exploring, I don’t mean, ‘man, what great acting and inspirational ideas’ but more ‘how did the munchkins get so so angry’.


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