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Sin, Formality, and Snicket

How does writing for children compare to writing for adults?

They feel like the same thing to me. I think of children’s literature as being a sort of genre, so writing a children’s book is like writing a mystery novel – some things you have to put into it, otherwise it doesn’t qualify. And there are things that don’t belong in it or else it doesn’t qualify, but other than that, it feels like the same thing.

Daniel Handler in conversation at the LA Times.


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Trailer for “Library of the Early Mind”

I remember learning about this intriguing documentary, enjoying the production blog, and then kind of forgetting about it as it was still being created.  But now it is all done and the first trailer is just up. Not only is it full of familiar names and faces, but it looks beautifully edited and produced. I sure wish I could get to the October 19th screening at Harvard, but I can’t (school and all that). Hopefully more will be announced soon, say one in NYC.


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