Come to Dance the Macabray (with Book Carts)

I first heard about ALA’s Book Cart Drill Team competition after Jon Scieszka and Mo Willems stumbled upon it a few years back and took over the commentary.  But I’d never been there in person until this year when I finally managed to drop by just in time to see this group.   (I had to leave after this, but heard from Mo that there was one more group that did some sort of John Cage thing.  Can anyone tell us more about that one?)



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3 responses to “Come to Dance the Macabray (with Book Carts)

  1. I had heard the words “Book Cart Drill Team” and was thinking all sorts of cool stuff.

    This is better.

    Very fun.


  2. Wow! I’m tickled to see that first prize went to my alma mater, the School of Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh!

    Apparently there was a blurb about this competition on NPR’s Morning Edition on the 29th, but I can’t find anything beyond a little 30-second snippet. Ah, well.


  3. That is all I could find on NPR, but I also came across it in a Bizarre News feature. Hm…


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