Charles R. Smith Poses a Great Question

What if Harry Potter were Black? (Thanks to Rasco from Rif.)


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4 responses to “Charles R. Smith Poses a Great Question

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to this great post (and blog, which I hadn’t ready before). Unfortunately, the post seems to be one of the few on the blog where the comments are disabled. Perhaps it’s a mistake – but it strikes me as strange, since this question is one that invites important and interesting discussion.

    I was lucky enough to do a bit of research in the University of Southern Mississippi’s Keats collection last year and wanted to thank Charles for his post.


  2. Why not! I think it doesn’t matter. The book was great to read, it was really interesting.


  3. It shouldn’t be a problem. The most important thing is the content of the book, if you like it then there wouldn’t be any problem reading it.


  4. Wow, that certainly is thought-provoking. I’m pretty sure that if Harry Potter were black, it would have fewer readers, definitely. While many people read a book based on its plot, some might be affected by the main character’s race.


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