Whose Favorite Books?

David Elzey wonders about the suggestions Susan Orlean has been getting after tweeting a request for #booksthatchangekidsworlds.  They do have more to do with adults remembering beloved books than what Orlean’s five-and-a-half-year-old son will necessarily go for (and remind me of similar suggestions made in response to a Nicholas Krisof op-ed piece of last year).  Coincidently, J. Bell has a post on the art of recommending a book to a kid that could serve as a cautionary tale to all those nostalgic adults.


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4 responses to “Whose Favorite Books?

  1. frogboots

    Yes indeed. Working at a bookstore has helped keep me on the path of recommendations that kids like, not that I think kids should like. And Susan Olean’s list – well, some of the titles are definitely still in the running. But I think it’s a rare kid these days who will really be into The Wizard of Oz. And people responding to a Susan Olean request for kids’ books are a pretty specific self-selecting group to begin with, no?


  2. Definitely a self-selecting group (similar to those who called in with suggestions for the Onpoint Summer Reading NPR show I did a few weeks back). But I do have to say that my students very much like The Wizard of Oz. It still goes down very easily, moreso than other elders being suggested.


  3. My child, who is at the moment reading a Captain Underpants book that she picked out at the library, LOVED The Wizard of Oz when I gave it to her a few weeks ago, and demanded more in the series.


  4. frogboots

    I’m surprised that your students like The Wizard of Oz – mine certainly didn’t. But I also think that with YOU as the teacher, almost any book could become great.


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