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Alice vs Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll meets Lady Gaga in this psychedelic update of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This new adaptation blends the lyrical whimsy of Alice with high-octane physical theater and the dynamic vision of acclaimed Hungarian director János Szász (Mother Courage, Marat/Sade, The Seagull). The result is a fresh, funny, and emotional remix of Carroll’s classic coming-of-age tale.

Next month at the American Repertory Theater.  If you get to see it (I’m in NYC and this is in Boston so I probably won’t), let us know how it is.  Looks to be much more up my alley than this.


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Ducks, Pie, and Mash-Ups

There’s a new blog on the scene, Philip Nel’s Nine Kinds of Pie.  Phil’s a children’s lit academic — hold on, don’t go away, he’s cool — with a wonderful range of tastes and interests.  He got a lot of attention for his Dr. Seuss work, but he’s done loads of other neat stuff too.

Phil’s latest post is “Too Bad His Duck Is So Crazy” featuring the witty and needs-to-be-better-known Tim Egan.  Like Phil I had always enjoyed his picture books, but really fell in love with him when I encountered the first of the Dodsworth Adventure series; these are early readers featuring the travels of a proper mouse Dodsworth and … that duck.

More like this one, Phil!


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