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Rockin’ Eoin Colfer

I hope I can make it to Eoin Colfer’s NYC gig during his Artemis Rocks tour as the one I attended in 2008 was absolutely hilarious.  He set the bar back then, but I have no doubt he will surpass it with this one. The man is clearly a frustrated stand-up comic. According to this PW article:

At each stop, Colfer will take the stage for a talk show-style appearance, during which he’ll perform a monologue and interview none other than Artemis Fowl himself (in the form of a young actor). The shows will also feature original songs and music videos about Artemis (starring the same young actor) and his latest adventure, recorded by San Francisco singer/musician Josh Fix. Audience participation and a book signing will be part of the appearances as well.

And speaking of music videos, here’s one of them.  Not bad. Not bad at all.


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