Thalia Kids’ Book Club Camp

Today Betsy Bird reminded me of this amazing summer day camp just down the road from me.  One of my students went and from what she told me, what Betsy wrote, and their blog posts — well, it sounds phenomenal for kids who are obsessed readers and writers.  Looks like a nice balance of talking about books, writing, engaging with authors, cool field trips, and more conventional camp fun (e.g. Capture the Flag).  And for those in the NYC area, there appears to be one session starting today with slots left, a YA one for kids 13-15 years-old.  Libba Bray, Barry Lyga, and Kekla Magoon, and Krista Marino are slated to visit.

WNYC did a feature on Norton Juster’s visit; here’s their video (with my student in it!):



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6 responses to “Thalia Kids’ Book Club Camp

  1. This indeed sounds like a phenomenal camp; I sure wish I had been able to attend such a summer event! When I read Betsy’s blog entry this morning I sent the information to Ron Fairchild, CEO of The National Summer Learning Association, and will now send this URL as well. This is a program that just might should be nomianted for one of the NSLA’s outstanding program awards next year!


  2. That looks like such fun. I would have loved it, too.


  3. Be still my beating heart. What a phenomenal privilege it must be to do this kind of work. Amazing kids! I just love the boy with the writing block. Amazing!


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