Newbery Season

As we head into autumn, speculation about this year’s award winners is mounting (at least among those of us who are obsessed with such things).  The Cybils are getting underway, there’s a wonderful event attached to the Boston Globe-Horn Book awards this year at Simmons College, and the various ALA mock award groups are building steam.  One of my favorites is the Heavy Medal: A Mock Newbery Blog run by my pals Nina Lindsay and Jonathan Hunt.  Nina was chair of my 2008 Newbery Committee and Jonathan is one of my collaborators for the BoB.  Those that followed their blog last year know how smart and fun it was.  They’ve just opened it up for this year and I’m psyched!



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3 responses to “Newbery Season

  1. sharon mckellar

    i’m really excited for Newbery season! I feel so far behind in my child lit reading and I think this’ll be my chance to catch up on all the great books I missed while traveling!


  2. Sharon, will be great to see you weighing in again.


  3. I didn’t know about the Boston Globe-Horn in my neck of the woods. Thank for your post. I am excited about all children’s book awards!


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