David Sedaris and the Animals

Rudyard Kipling did it. So did James Thurber.  Now David Sedaris tries his hand at animal fables.  Warning #1:  the bunny is NOT fluffy.  Warning #2:  bottoms are not called bottoms.  Warning #3: more Orwell than Aesop, I’d say.



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3 responses to “David Sedaris and the Animals

  1. DaNae Leu

    After hearing one these stories on THIS AMERICAN LIFE, I was a bit surprised to see the book in the children’s section in one of our local Bookstores. Should I tell them?


  2. That is hilarious! Hmm…is there someone at the bookstore that will actually pay attention? I mean, is a smart independent or a chain?


  3. brookeshelf

    It’s a smart independent (I was with DaNae that evening), which is why I’m surprised it was in the children’s section at all. They were really busy that night (book signing for a friend’s new book) or else we probably would have said something then . . .


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