Where I’ll be on Saturday

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America
Fall Meeting: Saturday, November 6, 2010
New York Institute of Technology
11th floor Auditorium 16 W. 61st St. between Broadway and Columbus Ave. New York City
The meeting is free, and open to the public.

12:00 Andrew Sellon “Welcoming Remarks”
12:05–12:20 Edward Guiliano “Greetings, and A Few Wise Words About Martin Gardner
12:20 –12:40 Oleg Lipchenko “Butcher in the Ruff: Rendering the Snark (A Work in Progress)”
12:40 – 1:30 Adam Gopnik “Looking-Glass and Broken Mirror: Honoring the Spirit of Lewis Carroll”
1:30–2:00 Break and Book signing: Messrs. Gopnik & Lipchenko
2:00–3:15 Jenny Woolf “Viewing Lewis Carroll as a Real Person”
3:15–3:55 Cathy Rubin in conversation with Andrew Sellon “The Real Alice Liddell: A Conversation with Pictures”
3:55–4:25 Break and Book signing: Mmes. Rubin & Woolf
4:25–4:35 August Imholtz, Janet Jurist Election of New LCSNA Officers
4:35–5:15 Andrew Sellon “Meeting Mr. Dodgson: One Carrollian’s Journey”


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One response to “Where I’ll be on Saturday

  1. frogboots

    ooh, Monica, what were the wise words about Martin Gardner???

    I’ve never really wanted to live in New York City (it’s just too big), but events like this make me wish I was a short train-trip away.


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