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The Stucco Snow was to Die For

So my bucket list is now down one — I’ve been to Wizarding World, had some butterbeer, and lived to tell the tale.

Is it as fabulous as other visitors have told me?  Yes and no.

Yes, the look is delightful —the moving portraits, the lovingly created emporiums and castle, the noises and movements of creatures and books and such, as well as employees-I mean-characters telling you to “move aside, Muggles.” The Forbidden Journey ride was as exhilarating as promised, the butterbeer icily head-ache-producing, but believable,  and it was great fun to see young fans so excited to be there.

No, at least yesterday, because the crowds became overwhelming and then it felt like all you were doing was waiting, waiting, and waiting to shop.  Ollivander’s wand shop, for example,  is a brief sweet performance and then a long shopping opportunity.  Now I am not a snot about merch by any means, but some of the lines I waited in for a very long time (probably 90 minutes for that wand shop) and the payoff just didn’t seem worth it.  I’d expected more amusing entertainments to keep us occupied while waiting, but they weren’t there.  Well, other than the two ladies in line behind us (not park employees, mind you, and not attired in purchases from the park) who were rather intimidating in a way all of the young uns in their Hogwarth robes were not.

Note to Universal Studios: I only noticed the snow was stucco when right up against it during the long and tiring wait for the wand shop.  My recommendation — give us something more fun to look at.



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