For the Booklover Who has Everything — How about One of Edward Gorey’s Fur Coats?

So you’ve got this special person and are still searching high and low for the perfect gift.  A persnickety sort, your friend loves vampires, but hates sparkles, dresses in black and white (with the occasional touch of red), is a fan of felines, a ballet buff, and collects quirky books. Well look no more!  Next Thursday, December 9th, Bloomsbury Auctions will be auctioning off a bunch of very cool Edward Gorey stuff including fourteen of his iconic fur coats, some of his odd jewelery, and even a rock he drew upon.

One of the twentieth century’s more remarkable eccentrics, Edward Gorey was best known for scratchy pen and ink drawings often of the macabre sort, but with a particular and original wit.  Early books were cult favorites, but he became more broadly known for his stage design of the 1977 Broadway revival of Dracula and Masterpiece Mystery‘s opening animation.  Gorey stopped wearing the fur coats after becoming passionate about animal rights and so it is both fitting and ironic that part of the proceeds of this sale will go to the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust to benefit animal welfare and the rest to the Edward Gorey House, now a museum.

Here are just a few of the remarkable objects on sale with excerpts from the catalog descriptions.

12. Fur Coat owned and worn by Edward Gorey A Finnish raccoon coat, dyed green with green woolen lining and extra-large lapels. Very long and heavy.

2. Hand-Sewn Figbash A hand-sewn, rice filled Figbash stuffed animal creature, white fabric with black spots, these rare creations were handmade by Gorey and given to friends.

40. A group of two titles 1) The Helpless Doorknob: A Shuffled Story. Complete set of twenty cards in the original plastic case with limitation leaflet. The artist claims that these cards “can be read in 2,432,902,069,736,640,000 different ways.” 2) E. D. Ward: A Mercurial Bear. This “Dogear Wryde Paper Pastime” is a paper doll of a bear with a complete wardrobe of absurd clothes to cut out.

31. The Vinegar Works consists of three volumes, comprising: “The Gashlycrumb Tinies”, “The West Wing” and “The Insect God.”

33. The Fraught Settee The Fantod Press, 1990.

24. Rock with Painted Face. Evidently Edward Gorey found this stone on the beach, drew on it and presented it to his good friend James Marshall, the creator of George and Martha and The Stupids.

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2 responses to “For the Booklover Who has Everything — How about One of Edward Gorey’s Fur Coats?

  1. I. Want. A. Coat. And my conscience can be clear since some of the proceeds go to animal rights…want to donate to my fund?


  2. Carol, get in line! Aren’t they gorgeous?


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