Boring or Not?

To get to the conference, Jo Lee took an hour’s train ride from the seaside town of Brighton. She said it was worth it because her own idea of fun is to take photographs of random marks left on walls and of chewing gum stuck under desks.

“We’re all overstimulated,” said Ms. Lee. “I think it’s important to stop all that for a while and see what several hours of being bored really feels like.”

Boredom Enthusiasts Discover the Pleasures of Understimulation –



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2 responses to “Boring or Not?

  1. frogboots

    What a strange article….a lot of that minutiae and mundanity is interesting to me. I also LOVE paint names. Focusing in on the tiny and mundane doesn’t necessarily equal boredom, does it?

    I’m not sure the WSJ didn’t rip this off from The Onion.


  2. Only in Britain. I just can’t believe that people would pay to be bored, though I do agree with frogboots that paint names are kind of cool.


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