Today Show — No Newbery and Caldecott Award Winners?

Please, please don’t tell me Snooki bumped the Newbery and Caldecott winners from yesterday’s Today Show (as someone suggested to me on twitter when I wondered about the absence).  Hoping they might be on today I did a search, but there is nothing.  Not even something to inform those on the site about the winners.   As clumsy as some of those brief interviews from the past were they sure brought the award and children’s books to a much bigger audience than we ever could.



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9 responses to “Today Show — No Newbery and Caldecott Award Winners?

  1. DaNae Leu

    Oh Monica, I don’t know if this proves my supposition that all news programs, outside of NPR, are to be avoided at all costs, or if it is just an out and out tragedy.

    I must say however that a segment on last weeks WAIT WAIT now makes much more sense. I was unaware of spectic reality that is SNOOKIE.


  2. DaNae Leu

    I believe the word I was trying to spell is septic.


  3. Virginia Walter

    Do you suppose the severe weather was a factor? Maybe the authors and ALA person weren’t able to fly to New York?


  4. DaNae Leu

    How long before all telvision is relegated to Aaron Sorkin prediction as declared here by Judd Hirsch:

    Sorry this is quite a bit of lead up before his excellent rant.


  5. Kristin McIlhagga

    I was also disappointed, I recorded the entire 3 hours (or whatever it is) and scanned through all of it waiting for the interviews.

    I think it’s particularly noteworthy they chose not to have the winners on considering Al Roker’s kids book club and all of the NBC focus on education earlier this year. I can appreciate that they have a big audience and that I don’t fully understand all that goes into these decisions. BUT…. it seems like one 5 minutes segment once a year to support children’s literature and kids reading is something that goes with what things that they already support.


  6. I agree that it’s a sad commentary on The Today Show’s priorities.


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  8. As said by Virginia might be severe weather was a factor :(


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