Ipad Kid Book Apps

While I’m still not ready to plunk down $500 for an Ipad of my own (and will make do for the time being with my beloved Iphone and the Ipads my school has), as a long-time techie, I am very, very interested in book apps. While many are rather limited and seem to be one-shot experiences for kids, others are innovative and exciting. Yet it can be hard to find them as the various app stores have yet to provide what the older sites provide — a relatively easy way to know what is what. And so I’m very appreciative that the established review publications are coming on board to help.

As this new world of apps and ebooks keeps building and building I for one am glad the old world is keeping apace.

Also at Huffington Post.



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7 responses to “Ipad Kid Book Apps

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  2. Hi Monica,

    I think this a great article and children’s books for the iPad, iPhone as well as other touch platforms represent a new way to read books for the next generation of children. I sent you an email regarding some of the books we (My Black Dog Books) have published in the app store.

    For readers looking for a quality children’s book app please check out the Violet series for the iPhone/iPad in the App store now: http://bit.ly/gahmpl


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