I stayed home over my spring break catching up on various things including theater.  Here’s what I saw and what I thought:

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
I went shortly before my break and liked it a great deal.  I was glad to see that some reviewers felt as I did (although some did not). For those interested, here’s a video that gives a good sense of it.

Peter and the Starcatcher
Thanks to my sister who noticed that this was going to be in New York. I’d read about the production ages ago and so went ahead and snagged a ticket. I’m glad I did because I agree with this NYTimes rave review — it is delightful. Here’s a taste:

I fell in love with this Tom Stoppard play many years ago when I saw its original American production. I was edgy about how it would hold up and am happy to say it worked for me, still. The ending had me as moved as ever.

Book of Mormon
I know South Park a tad, saw Avenue Q, was given an overview of the Mormon religion by someone who grew up in it, and read some reviews before seeing it.  I think I liked best the way they parody every musical theater trope possible --- not just the classical ones, but those from different eras too. And of course they hit hard at do-gooders of every stripe when they send their two innocents off to Uganda. The creators are equal opportunity stereotypers --- that is, every single character is a parody of one sort or another. You would have thought Arcadia would be the one that had me intellectualizing most of all, but it was this one that has me thinking longer and harder than any of the others.  Interesting that there is no video whatever available (but here is the pretty-explicit Guardian review for those who want details). I'll be curious what happens come Tony-time as I'm not quite sure there is a single number suitable for network prime time television.


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4 responses to “Showtime

  1. We’re seeing Book of Mormon in a couple of weeks — SO EXCITED! Sitterworthy! I’d love to see Peter and the Starcatcher (my mom liked it, though she felt it wasn’t sure whether it wanted to be a show for kids or adults) but oy, I live around the corner from the theater and can’t wrap my brain around paying $70 a ticket to see something in that space. I wonder how hard it is to get the Sunday night discount tickets…


    • I sort of agree with your mom. It didn’t really feel like anything for little kids although older ones would probably like it. There was a group of young teen girls who clearly knew the books well. I hope they liked it! It actually reminded me a bit of the National Theater production of Terry Pratchett’s Nation that I saw broadcast last year.


  2. What a special treat to find your reviews, thanks so much for taking the time!


    • What is great about having my own blog is being able to go off-topic this way as I knew there were some curious about my opinion — especially about that last show.


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