Cosmic Skyping

Yesterday my class and I had a fabulous Skype visit with the delightful Frank Cottrell Boyce.  I was a big fan of his book Millions and then became an even bigger fan of his latest book, Cosmic.  I love reading it aloud and can say with complete assurance that the three classes I’ve read it aloud to are as enthused about it as I am.

While I was excited about yesterday’s opportunity I also was nervous.  It is one thing to Skype with one person, computer to computer, and quite another to do it with a whole class.  Also, I’d finished reading the book a while ago — what if the kids had forgotten it or had lousy questions for Frank?

Turned out I had no need to fret.  One of our wonderful school tech folks set everything up and used a camera to zoom in on the different kids as they questioned Frank and saw to it that all went smoothly. And the kids’ questions — they were excellent.  Frank told us all sorts of great things about his development as a writer, much about the inspiration and writing of Cosmic, and a bit about his newest project — a sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He showed us the cover and it looks fun. While I’m always a bit skeptical of this sort of thing (another author taking over something from a deceased author), I’ve liked so much of what Frank has done to date that I’m hopeful.

We recorded the session and, once it is edited down, plan to put it up on the school’s website.  In the meantime do read my students’ virtual thank you notes. My thanks to Frank and Walden Media for this great experience.


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5 responses to “Cosmic Skyping

  1. A sequel to Chitty, Chitty? Very interesting!!! And isn’t Skype a truly wonderful thing! What a great experience for you and your class.


  2. Jen

    My husband just started reading this aloud to our 4th grade son and they’re really enjoying it. I saw the 13-year-old big brother hanging around the doorway listening, too! :) I’ll look forward to seeing the session recording online, as I run a small non-profit that brings authors and illustrators into under-served schools in Boston, so I’m interested in seeing how a Skype visit works. Thanks!


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  4. jude hagene

    I am trying to set up a skype visit with this same author and cannot figure out how to do this.


    • You would need to contact his publisher. However, I think this was done purely because I’d had a longtime interest for his books and he wanted to give skyping a try. So I’m not sure he is generally available for skype visits.


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