A Pair of Newbery Winners

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Yesterday I was honored to moderate a discussion with this year’s and last year’s Newbery winners Clare Vanderpool and Rebecca Stead for a whole auditorium full of Random House folk. Clare and Rebecca were fantastic, of course. Among other things they talked about THE CALL (the early morning phone call informing each that they’d won the award), school visits, writing, setting, genre, family, and a whole lot more. Clare and Rebecca’s responses to my questions made me realize how much Moon Over Manifest and When You Reach Me have in common —  a strong sense of place based on each author’s own experiences, intriguing and unconventional threads of plot, a setting back in time, and more.  Thank you so much, Random House, for inviting me to do this.

photo from @randomhousekids


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4 responses to “A Pair of Newbery Winners

  1. What an awesome opportunity and experience!


  2. Sam Bloom

    Man, that must have been incredible, Monica! And those similarities between WYRM and MoM… I hadn’t seen those before, and now I can’t believe I missed them!


  3. Sam, I didn’t really notice them either till I was asking the questions and listening to the answers.


  4. Sam Bloom

    I know, my previous comment sounds like a case of hindsight being 20/20. Thanks again for sharing this extremely cool experience!


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